Trump Orders Virus Ravaged Meat Processing Plants To Stay Open

Trump is ignoring a coronavirus outbreak in meat processing plants and planning to sign an executive order ordering them to stay open.

Jennifer Jacobs tweeted:

Trump is also going to sign executive order waving legal liability for meat processing plants in case employees and consumers get sick:

The coronavirus is causing thousands of workers in meat processing plants across the country to get sick and die, but instead of dealing with the public health emergency, Donald Trump is going to order the plants to stay open, which will cause the coronavirus to spread and the pandemic to continue. Trump prefers that people get sick and die so that he can have his nightly hamburger and Diet Coke while watching Fox News.
Outside of a vaccine, the only way to beat the virus is not to maintain business as usual.

At each decision point in this crisis, Donald Trump has consistently made the lives of the American people worse with bad and wrong decisions.

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