Andrew Cuomo Unloads On Mitch McConnell And Rick Scott

Gov. Andrew Cuomo unloaded on Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott for refusing aid to states hardest hit by the virus.

Cuomo said at his daily press conference:

Senator Scott from Florida said we’re supposed to bail them out. We versus them. We’re supposed to bail them out. It’s we and it’s them. That is not right. Who is we and who is them? Who is we? And who is them? Them, the people who had coronavirus. They are the ones who had the coronavirus. We without the virus are supposed to bail out those people who have the virus. What an ugly sentiment. First of all, the facts, it’s not even close to right.

Why they would even want to go down this road when the facts damn everything they’re saying. And there’s no facts. I know it’s hard to communicate facts in this environment. I know a lot of the filters don’t communicate facts. They communicate spin. Everybody has their own spin. But there are still political facts that are not political theater, right? New York state bails them out every year.

They’re not bailing us out. We bail them out every year. New York state pays $29 billion into that federal pot, $29 billion more every year that we never get back. Our state contribution into the federal pot, the United States of America pot, every year we put in $29 billion more than we take out. On the other hand, they take out every year $37 billion more than they pay to the federal government.

Senator Mitch McConnell, you are bailing out New York when every year you take out more from the kitty, the federal pot, $37 billion more than you put in? Who is bailing out whom? Senator Scott, Florida, you’re going to bay us out? You take out $30 billion more than every year than you pay in. How dare they?

How dare they when those are the facts? How long are you going to play the American people and assume they’re stupid? They’re not. And they can add and they know facts.

Video clip of Cuomo:

The truth is that the Senate Republicans who are trying to make aid to the state and local governments a partisan issue are the same people who are first in line for federal dollars when a disaster strikes their state.

Let’s see how it goes for Rick Scott if Congress stops giving Florida federal hurricane relief because the state takes more money out of the federal pot than they put in.

Sorry, Florida. No more handouts. Clean up the next billion-dollar disaster on your own.

That’s not how the federal government is supposed to work.

The federal government is supposed to act on behalf of all Americans no matter how their states voted.

Gov. Cuomo was right to call out the hypocrisy of Senators like McConnell and Scott who are spreading Trump’s abdication of federal governance to the United States Senate.

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