With 30 Million Unemployed, Trump Calls His Virus Response Spectacular

Trump graded himself and his administration’s response to the coronavirus spectacular, as the US number of unemployed reached 30 million.

Trump said, “I think I’ve handled it and not me, I think our whole group has been spectacular. We had ventilators. We didn’t have any. We built them, tens of thousands are under construction, and as Phil said, I think you got more ventilators than any than any other state. There was never a person that needed a ventilator that didn’t get one.”

Trump claimed that he has done a spectacular job as unemployment claims in the United States hit 30 million.


The term spectacular is being used by no one to describe Trump’s response to this crisis unless the word after spectacular is failure.

Trump is the biggest one-trick pony in the history of the modern presidency. His one and only gimmick is selling failure as success. It is what he has done for his entire adult life and now he is trying to convince America not to pay attention to the tens of thousands of dead and dying along with a national economic collapse, and give him credit for not killing more people and plunging the country into a Great Depression.

America wouldn’t have needed so many ventilators if the response to the virus had been handled correctly.

Millions are sick. Tens of thousands are dead. Thirty million people are out of work, and Donald Trump thinks that he is doing a spectacular job.

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