Joe Biden Is Tied With Trump In Georgia As Blue Wave Builds

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:00 pm

An internal Republican poll has revealed that Joe Biden is tied with the president in Georgia, as a potential blue wave is building.

Via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

– Trump and Biden are in a statistical tie in the race for president, with Trump at 45% and Biden at 44%. Only about 5% of Georgians are undecided, and another 6% back a third-party candidate.

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– A majority of voters disapprove of the way Trump (51%) and Kemp (54%) are handling the pandemic. The General Assembly barely breaks even on the question, and many voters signaled they don’t know what lawmakers are doing.

Trump also has a job approval rating that is in the net negative. Forty-five percent of Georgians approve of the job that Trump is doing, and 50% disapprove.

The odds of Joe Biden flipping Georgia are not as good as the possibility that he will move states like Michigan and Pennsylvania back into the Democratic column in 2020, but if the Republican Party and Trump have to spend time and money defending red states like Georgia, Florida, and Texas from going to Biden, they are going to have a massive problem.

Every minute that Republicans spend on a state like Georgia is sixty seconds less that they will have Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, or Arizona.

If Trump loses in a state like Georgia, Joe Biden will be the next President Of The United States.

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