Trump Approval Rating Plunges 15 Points In Battleground States

A non-partisan poll revealed that Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped from 53% in March to 38% in April in key battleground states.

According to the non-partisan PRRI survey of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, “Trump’s favorability in battleground states has dropped substantially since March, from 53% to 38%. The president’s favorability in Democratic-leaning and Republican-leaning states has not significantly changed. About four in ten Americans in Democratic-leaning states hold favorable views of Trump now (41%) and in March (40%), although this is a notable improvement for Trump in these states compared to 2019 (35%). Half (50%) of Americans in Republican and Republican-leaning states view Trump favorably, a marginal drop from 56% in March and a slight increase from 2019 (46%), although the differences are not statistically significant.”

Trump’s approval rating in battleground states is now 5 points lower than it was in 2019. The President’s decline in job approval is not likely to turn around rapidly because his decline is related to both his handling of the coronavirus and the downturn in the economy. Since the economy is not going to spring back immediately, Trump could be facing even worse approval ratings for months to come.

Donald Trump wanted to run the same presidential campaign that he ran in 2016, but that has become impossible due to the coronavirus. Trump was elected due to 80,000 votes in three states. Trump’s margin for error is tiny, and if the election goes against Trump, swing states could fall like dominoes to Joe Biden.