Trump Campaign Orders Red, Trump-Branded Face Masks

The Trump campaign has branched out into a new type of merchandise – face masks. Though the President has declined to wear one, his reelection campaign could soon be selling them.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign has ordered red masks branded with “Trump” as part of its appeal to senior citizens.

The campaign may give the masks away or distribute them in exchange for political donations. They already sell a wide range of merchandise, including the infamous red hats.

Critics had joked that President would start selling “Make America Great Again” masks. It’s not clear if any version of the face masks will feature any of Trump’s slogans.

The news comes in the same week that Vice President Mike Pence failed to wear a face mask at the Mayo Clinic. His wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, claimed her husband didn’t know he had to.

This defense quickly fell apart when reporters pointed to guidance about masks and signs at the Mayo Clinic itself. Pence wore a mask on Thursday while touring a General Motors plant.

President Trump said he wouldn’t wear a mask while First Lady Melania Trump encouraged it. Guidelines issued to the American public and Congress also suggest mask use.

“I would wear one if I thought it was important,” Trump said on 6 April.

“She [Melania Trump] likes the idea of wearing it, she does.  A lot of people do. Again it’s a recommendation and I understand that recommendation and I’m okay with it.”

The Trump campaign will likely face backlash for ordering branded masks but they’ve sold controversial merchandise in the past. Whether the President’s supporters will decide to wear masks in public remains to be seen.

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