Trump Melts Down And Claims He Saved Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives With Virus Response

Trump is falsely claiming that his incompetent response to the coronavirus was actually a great success that saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Trump said, “The models predicted that between 1/5 million and 2.2 million people would have died in the United States without the mitigation. Through our aggressive response and remarkable bravery and commitment of American people, we have saved thousands and thousands of lives. I can even make that if you want, hundreds of thousands of lives.”

If you want, you could say that Trump’s botched coronavirus response has killed about 65,000 people.

Trump later went on to move the goalposts for success on the coronavirus death toll to claim that anything less than 100,000 deaths was the benchmark for success. Last week, Trump claimed that less than 60,000 deaths would be a success.

Donald Trump is making this up as he goes along. His entire adult life has been centered around his ability to spin failure into success, and he is trying to convince that nation that anything less than 100,000 deaths, and a collapsed economy is a job well done.

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