Trump Sends 1,000 Virus Tests To Mitch McConnell After Giving States 100

Trump only gave the states 100 each of the coronavirus rapid test cartridges, but he gave Mitch McConnell’s Senate 1,000 to confirm judges.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar tweeted:

Trump took over the supply of rapid virus testing machines and cartridges. States were livid when Trump only sent each state 15 machines and 100 test cartridges.

Just to be clear, the American people can’t have rapid coronavirus testing, but Mitch McConnell can. Majority Leader McConnell is rushing the Senate back into session to confirm more unqualified Trump nominated federal judges.

Trump isn’t providing testing to the Senate so that they can take action on the virus public health crisis or the collapsed US economy. McConnell is bringing the Senate back into session so that they can confirm more federal judges for Trump.

You can’t get a coronavirus test, but Mitch McConnell can have a thousand.

UPDATE: Pelosi and McConnell rejected Trump’s offer.

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