Fox News Town Hall Completely Backfires On Trump

Trump’s Fox News town hall quickly turned into a disaster that is only making the president look even more out of touch as he takes questions from the American people.

A woman who was lost her job, evicted, and relying on donations to feed her kids asked Trump for advice.

Trump responded by promising her that she will get a better job, making more money, and then falsely touted the pre-virus economy as the greatest in the history of the world.


Trump also admitted that he is changing his definition of coronavirus success as the death toll continues to grow:

Even his staging and photo-op backfired:

Trump thought that he was positioning himself with Lincoln. Instead, he looked small and inadequate next to one of the giants of the presidency.

The problem for Trump continues to be that every time he opens his mouth, he reminds a large majority of Americans of his pathological lies and incompetence. Trump should have never done the Fox News propaganda event. The event is a fiasco that serves as a reminder that Donald Trump can’t be a human being. He can’t relate to regular people and their struggles because he doesn’t care about them.

Everything that Trump is trying to do on Fox News is going wrong.

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