Joe Biden Expands His Lead To 6 Points Over Trump


A new poll shows that Joe Biden’s national lead over Trump has gone from two points at the end of February to six points by early May.

According to the CBS News/YouGov poll:


More bad news for Trump as voters say the economy will influence their vote more than coronavirus:

Forty-nine percent of respondents in the poll also said that they are thinking about the presidential election a lot, and another 30% said that they are thinking about it some. 53% of respondents said that they have seen too much of Trump during the coronavirus pandemic and 47% said that they haven’t seen enough of Biden.

Joe Biden is not going to have to worry about being overexposed before the election, as voters are hungry to hear more from the presumptive Democratic nominee before the election. The problem for Trump is that even if the economy reopens, the economic damage is going to linger for the rest of the year.

Biden’s lead is growing as Trump’s support is stuck the same 40%-44% range that his base is in. When Trump destroyed the economy, he may have also ended his best chance for a second term.

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