Lindsey Graham Plans To Investigate Obama During Virus Pandemic

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that he would launch an investigation into Obama “surveillance” of Mike Flynn.

Graham said on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, “Seems to me, there’s a tale of two FBIs here. The FBI agents that we all admire in the field office, and this hit squad that McCabe and Comey put together operating out of the seventh floor. I want to know why Flynn was being surveilled by the Obama administration to begin with. You know, the Obama administration is surveilling the National Security Adviser of the president-elect. What the hell was that all about?”

Video of Graham:

Graham has gone all-in on the popular Obama/Flynn right-wing conspiracy theory. Graham and others conveniently leave out the fact that Flynn was illegally lobbying for the government of Turkey. There is a very simple reason why Flynn was being watched. He was engaged in illegal activity.

Trump’s conspiracy fantasy to make the Russia scandal go away doesn’t work if Flynn was doing something wrong, so Republicans are just forgetting about the crime part and focusing on the conspiracy.

Trump and Graham are so desperate to investigate the case against Mike Flynn because they are trying to discredit the Russia scandal before the election.

Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn, but Trump ignored him, and now Lindsey Graham is trying to cover up Trump’s criminality and incompetence with an investigation into Obama.

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