Trump Has A Sunday Morning Meltdown And Suggests He Saved America From A Great Plague

Trump can’t go outside and play (golf), so he is spending his Sunday morning melting down and spinning a tale of he saved America from coronavirus.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tale of a plague that came out of nowhere is completely detached from reality. The real story is that the President was told of the great plague months before it arrived, but he ignored the warnings. Instead of preparing the nation for the plague, the President played golf and promised America that 15 cases would go to zero, and that the plague would blow away like the wind.

As the plague worsened, the President tried limiting testing, so that he could manipulate the data to make the plague look better than what it was. The President killed tens of thousands of Americans, and collapsed the economy, because he did not prepare the country, and was slow to give states the aid that they needed.

While his presidency crumbled, the President tried to confuse the people and misdirect the people with dangerous advice and false cures, but the more he spoke, the more people realized that the real plague was named Donald Trump.

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