Mitch McConnell Calls Senators Essential Workers Then Refuses To Work On Virus Aid

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) deemed Senators essential workers then announced that the Senate would not be working on coronavirus aid.

McConnell said:

Now, as I explained on March 25th, right before we passed the CARES Act 96 to nothing, the Senate has kept right on working this whole time. We’ve monitored the implementation of that bill — the largest rescue package in American history — and strengthened it where necessary.

We passed further legislation to provide even more economic assistance, even more support for testing, and even more relief for hospitals and healthcare providers. This deadly coronavirus does not take days off and so the United States Senate has not either. For more than a month, we were among the many Americans who have found creative ways to telework and continue doing their jobs remotely.

But now, the time has come for us to continue conducting our nation’s business in ways that are only possible with Senators here in the Capitol.


If it is essential that brave healthcare workers, grocery-store workers, truck drivers, and many other Americans continue to carefully show up for work, then it is essential that their U.S. Senators carefully show up ourselves and support them.


Mitch McConnell’s Senate majority is back at work and will support essential workers by doing absolutely nothing to help them. McConnell’s attitude is that the American people got their twelve hundred bucks, so now they need to shut up and let him get back to confirming unqualified Trump nominees for federal judicial posts.

People need help, but McConnell would rather confirm judges for Trump than save lives during the coronavirus.