“Resistance” Group Endorses Biden: He’s Like “Abraham Lincoln Compared to Donald Trump”

A progressive group has endorsed Joe Biden for president despite not supporting him during the primaries. The group, part of the so-called “Resistance”, voted to support the former Vice President.

Indivisible will formally endorse Biden on Monday following overwhelming support from its local chapters and members. The group was founded following President Donald Trump’s election.

The membership favored Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren over Biden, with just 6% opting for him. However, the group had its members sign a pledge to support the eventual Democratic nominee.

Around 95% of Indivisible’s members voted to endorse Biden.

Co-founder Ezra Levin said Biden was “Abraham Lincoln compared to Donald Trump.”

In an interviewer Levin and co-founder Leah Greenberg said they were making good on their promise to support whomever ended up winning the Democrats’ nomination.

“Nobody is taking their ball and going home,” Greenberg said.

“Even if he’s not on the same page as us to begin with, he’s willing to listen,” Levin said. “And importantly, he’s willing to change his mind. If we can organize and push him, he’ll move.”

Indivisible says it reached 11 million voters during the 2018 midterms and plans to mobilize in a similar way this year. Levin and Greenberg said Biden had to deal with recent allegations against him, but pledged their support.

“We as an organization made a commitment to support the nominee,” Greenberg said.

“Fundamentally, we are heading into what we know will be a tough and painful election season, and we think the contrast between the two really speaks for itself.”

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