Trump Runs A Virus Cover-Up And Blocks Witnesses From Testifying

Trump is taking steps to block all White House Coronavirus Task Force members, beyond Dr. Fauci, from testifying before the House.

Trump is stopping medical experts from testifying:

CNN confirmed that Trump is expanding his silencing of the task force:

Trump is refusing to allow the medical experts on the coronavirus task force to testify before Democratic majority House committees. If the task force and the President have done as great of a job as Trump, why won’t he let them testify and explain how they have handled the pandemic?

The answer is the same as it has always been with Trump. The President doesn’t want House Democrats to investigate how he handled the crisis. Trump has made a litany of bad and questionable decisions, and it is vital for the American people to understand how their country has failed to combat the virus.

Trump is trying to hide the truth, behind a fairy tale of American recovery centered around how he saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

The dime store Don is trying to run a coronavirus cover-up and hide the real story from the American people.

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