Trump’s Reelection Campaign Launches Ad Calling His Coronavirus Response an “American Comeback”


President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has launched an ad campaign calling his response to the coronavirus pandemic an “American comeback.”

The ad characterizes the president’s ban on travel from China as effective at mitigating the spread of the coronavirus even though it’s currently killed nearly 69,000 Americans. It also includes footage of Trump praising “the greatest economy the world has ever seen” despite record numbers of unemployed people as the pandemic prompted businesses to shutter.

“Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States is writing the greatest comeback story in history,” Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, said in a statement. “The President, along with the unyielding resolve of the American people, will Make America Great Again.”


A  senior campaign official said the ad campaign is meant to provide an “inspirational message about the unyielding resolve of Americans.”

“Yes, we had a strong economic message prior to coronavirus and the economy being artificially interrupted, but that was one of the many accomplishments we could point to with President Trump,” the campaign source told MarketWatch.

The source also criticized Trump’s Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, saying he “was part of the Obama-Biden administration that oversaw the slowest economic recovery since World War Two.”

“Joe Biden’s never brought through an economic recovery,” the source continued. “He helped shepherd China into the World Trade Organization, shipping jobs out of the United States, normalizing trade relations with China. Those things have cost American jobs so we can hit directly on Joe Biden’s record and clearly contrast that with President Trump.”

You can watch the ad below: