Trump Says People Are Going To Die Anyway So They Should Go Back To Work

Trump dismissed the projected doubling of coronavirus deaths by falsely claiming it a no-win situation and saying that people will die anyway.

Trump said:

I’m not. That assumes no mitigation. And we’re going to have mitigation. We’re letting people out. The fact that we’re letting people go and go to their jobs, they have to do it. You know, if they held people any longer with the shutdowns, you’re going to lose people. Between drug abuse, they say suicide, a lot of different things. There’s no win. Just so you know, there’s no great win one way or the other.

I’ll tell you where there is a win, we’re going to build a country, I did it once, two months ago we had the greatest economy in the history of the world, the best employment numbers we’ve ever had in history, all right. Everybody agrees. Even CNN agrees with that one. But I will say this, we’re going to do it again and that’s what we’re starting and I view these last couple of days as the beginning. We’re going to build the greatest economy in the world again and it’s going to happen pretty fast.


Trump didn’t build the economy. The American people and Barack Obama did. Trump inherited a good economy and burned it to the ground.

The virus is not a no-win situation. The way to win is to do mass testing, which would allow for the ability to treat and plan a phased reopening. It would also reassure the American people if they knew the degree of infection in their area.

Without mass testing, people will go back to work when it is not safe and many will get sick and die. Trump is showing that he is fine with killing Americans if it will help his reelection campaign.