Trump To Disband The Coronavirus Task Force In One Month

Mike Pence confirmed that President Donald Trump would be disbanding the White House Coronavirus Task Force as the death toll is projected to double.

According to The Washington Post:

Vice President Pence told reporters today that the coronavirus task force created to manage the federal government’s response to the pandemic could be disbanded within a month because “of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.”

Pence’s statement comes on the heels of Trump stating that he is not worried about the projected doubling of coronavirus deaths in the country because he believes that it is a “no-win” situation, and that people will die from something anyway, so they should go back to work.

The Trump strategy is now going to be to pretend like the coronavirus has been defeated and no longer exists, even as it is projected that 3,000 Americans will die each day by June 1.

The death toll is still growing. The administration hasn’t made fantastic progress. They have made no progress. Social distancing and stay at home orders are why the curve has flattened. States that are reopening have seen an increase in cases.

The virus is still with us, and a major threat to the health and wellness of the American people.

With each day it becomes more clear that the only way this crisis will ever be solved is if Joe Biden is elected president.