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Lindsey Graham Praises Trump’s “Pro-Life” Response as President Predicts 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths

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Lindsey Graham believes the President is putting life first as U.S. deaths from Coronavirus continue to mount. The Republican senator praised Donald Trump for putting lives ahead of the economy.

The South Carolina senator spoke to Tony Perkins of the conservative Family Research Council on Tuesday. His comments praising Trump seem to ring hollow considering the growing number of deaths.

Perkins argued that Trump wouldn’t put the U.S. economy at risk

“unless he was taking decisive action for the benefit of America.”

Senator Graham agreed.

“I believe if we’d let it run its course, Tony, you’d have a couple million people dead right now,” Graham said.

“Look, 70,000 people died with us locking the whole world down, so the president put life—he is pro-life in the real sense of the word—he put life ahead of his economic success.”

Since Graham’s remarks, the death toll has passed 75,000.

“The economy came to a grinding halt—not because of anything bad about the economy—to save lives.”


“Now we’re trying to balance how to turn it on. I think he’s done a really good job,” he said.

Graham’s analysis of Trump’s response contrasts it with a situation where the government did nothing. It also ignores the fact Trump downplayed the severity of the disease.

Trump and his team have also consistently moved the goal posts on Coronavirus.  Speaking to Fox News on Friday, the President again revised the expected death toll.

“We’ll be at 100,000, a hundred and ten,” Trump told Fox & Friends. 

This figure is significantly higher than the 50 to 60 thousand he predicted on 20 April, but far less than the 2 million he projected if no action was taken.

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