Pelosi Blasts Justice Department for Dropping Flynn Case: A “Cover Up for the President”


Nancy Pelosi has accused the Department of Justice of covering up for President Donald Trump. She was responding to the decision to drop the case against Michael Flynn.

The Speaker of the House issued a statement criticizing the DOJ’s move on Flynn. The retired Lieutenant General had plead guilty to lying to the FBI in 2017.

She took particular aim at Attorney General William Barr.

“Attorney General Barr’s politicization of justice knows no bounds,” Pelosi said.


“Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators in the face of overwhelming evidence – but now, Attorney General Barr’s Justice Department is dropping the case to continue to cover up for the President,” she said.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that Flynn had lied about his contacts with Russians during the 2016 presidential transition. But Barr’s decision cuts against this.

“Overruling the Special Counsel is without precedent and without respect for the rule of law,” Pelosi said.

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, also strongly criticized the DOJ’s decision.

“This is outrageous!” Nadler tweeted.

“Flynn PLEADED GUILTY to lying to investigators. The evidence against him is overwhelming. Now, a politicized DOJ is dropping the case.”

“The decision to overrule the special counsel is without precedent and warrants an immediate explanation.”

Many critics see Barr’s actions toward Flynn as part of a long-term strategy to undermine the Special Counsel’s findings for political purposes.

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