Biden Calls for Inspector General to Investigate Coronavirus Stimulus Loans Given to Large Companies

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has called for an inspector general to investigate coronavirus stimulus loans given to large companies and those close to the administration.

“Let me issue a warning right now to anyone who participates in a corrupt giveaway with President Trump and his administration,” Biden said in a video message released by his campaign. “I will direct her to review every stimulus loan given to any big company or political insider.”

The former vice president promised that his inspector general would have the authority to report any wrongdoing to the Department of Justice.

You can watch Biden’s video message below.

The coronavirus stimulus loan program has been dogged by controversy in recent weeks as investigations revealed that large corporations applied––and received––assistance from the government.

For example, a USA Today report from yesterday tells us that nearly 400 publicly traded companies “received almost  $1.3 billion in federal forgivable loans meant for small businesses desperately trying to survive the coronavirus crisis,” citing an independent analysis of financial record findings from the analytics firm FactSquared.