Jared Kushner Says Trump Will Still Run On The Economy Even Though He Broke It

The president’s unqualified senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, suggested in an interview with TIME this week that Donald Trump will campaign as the candidate best suited to save the collapsing economy.

The only problem, of course, is that Trump’s incompetence and failed leadership is the reason it’s broken in the first place.

During the interview, Kushner said the key question voters must ask themselves before casting their vote this fall is: “Who do you trust to build the economy back?”

What Kushner didn’t mention was that voters should also ask themselves a follow-up question: Is the same guy who broke the economy – Donald Trump – the one who should be trusted to fix it?

Video of Kushner’s interview with TIME

Trump destroyed the same economy that Joe Biden once helped save

When Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand the debate stage this fall – assuming Trump doesn’t dodge the debates – there will only be one candidate who has “saved the economy” written on their resume.

Hint: It won’t be Trump.

When Barack Obama and Joe Biden took office in 2009, the economy was in free-fall and headed toward a depression. With virtually no Republican support, they pushed through a rescue package to stop the economic collapse.

Once the Recovery Act was signed into law, Obama tasked Biden with implementing the $800 billion piece of legislation. All told, the law stopped the economic bleeding, saved millions of American jobs, and had historically low levels of waste.

So while boring competence might not create the realty TV drama that fuels Donald Trump, it can save American jobs and lives. The American people experienced it firsthand when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in charge.

Now, with the tens of thousands of Americans dying and millions more losing their jobs in the span of a few weeks, voters will be looking for an adult – not a game show host – to lead the country out of this mess.

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