Karl Rove Throws A Fit Over Obama’s Takedown Of Trump


Karl Rove has likened Barack Obama’s recent comments to a “drive-by shooting” during a Fox News appearance on Monday. Obama had criticized the Trump administration.

Rove was senior advisor to former President George W. Bush and he’s now a Fox News contributor. President Obama’s comments did not land well with him.

“It is so unseemly for a former president to take the virtual commencement ceremony for a series of historically black colleges and universities and turn it into a political drive-by shooting,” Rove said.


“This is a moment where these young graduates that could be inspired to a life of service, to recognize that life is going to bring challenges and how we handle the challenges it’s going to demonstrate our character, there are lots of positive messages that the former president could have delivered.”

Watch the video:

“But the news that we have out of this speech, out of this appearance is, he says, ‘The pandemic has finally fully torn back the curtain that so many of the folks in charge don’t know what they’re doing. Lots of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.'”

“I mean, think about that,” Rove said.

“He has slandered, you know, not just the President who’s his political target, and he made it clear a week ago he was going to go after him but he’s taking a slap at the Vice President who has been an extraordinarily effective job as the head of the Coronavirus task force.”

Rove claimed Obama had also effectively attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and everyone involved in fighting the Coronavirus.

He went on to falsely blame Obama for the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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