Trump Insists “We Have Done a Great Job on Ventilators, Testing, and Everything Else”


President Donald Trump attacked The Washington Post in an early morning tweet, disparaging its coverage of the government’s coronavirus response.

“We have done a great job on Ventilators, Testing, and everything else,” the president insisted. “Were left little by Obama. Over 11 million tests, and going up fast. More than all countries in the world, combined.”


The Trump administration has continued to deflect blame for the death toll attributed to the coronavirus. Last week, it emerged that Trump and members of the White House coronavirus task force are pressuring officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to change “how the agency works with states to count coronavirus-related deaths.”

Yesterday, the president, keeping in line with his criticisms for the Obama administration, insisted that former President Barack Obama was “grossly incompetent.”

“We did a lot of terrific meetings, tremendous progress is being made on many fronts, including coming up with a cure for this horrible plague that has beset our country,” he said in response to Obama’s assertion that the White House isn’t “even pretending to be in charge” amid the pandemic.