Comedian Patton Oswalt: Fox News’ Calls to Reopen Economy Are “The Height of Evil”

Patton Oswalt has slammed Fox News for its attacks on Coronavirus lockdown measures. The actor and comedian argued that network personalities should practice what they preach.

Oswalt spoke to The Daily Beast‘s “Last Laugh” podcast about his upcoming Netflix special but he also discussed Coronavirus. He took aim at the conservative network.

Oswalt said it was “very, very frustrating when you see people’s economic and job frustration being weaponized to benefit the rich.”

He said it was “kind of the height of evil when you see the Fox & Friends people, who are all coming in remote studios and safe from each other going, ‘We need to end this social distancing, don’t you think?'”

Fox News’ staff have been told to remain at home but on-air personalities have attacked lockdown measures. The show Oswalt mentioned – Fox & Friends – has been particularly keen to push early reopening.

“Why don’t you guys do it first?” Oswalt asked.

“You’re seeing them throwing bodies onto the barbed wire to benefit themselves,” he said.

On Tuesday, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano called on Americans to resist lockdowns.

“All of these lockdown orders are without lawful authority,” Napolitano told Fox & Friends.

“They’re unconstitutional, they violate the bill of rights, they interfere with our freedom of religion, our freedom of travel, our right to privacy, our freedom of speech, our freedom of assembly. I could just go right down the line.”

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