Kamala Harris Busts Trump For A Federal Election Crime


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) told Trump directly that he would be committing a federal crime by withholding funds to interfere with the right to vote.

Sen. Harris said to Joy Reid on MSNBC:

Mr. President, it is a federal crime to withhold money from states with the purpose of interfering with people’s right to vote. So, you may want to talk with your lawyer Bill Barr about that and that would be my advice for the president. But, you know, joy, it clearly he has done this because, one, he is always in the business of attempting to intimidate and using his tweets as the method by which he does that. But it’s clear he’s worried about whether he’s going win this election.


So it is an attempt to suppress the vote, which is an attempt to have these states not send these applications for vote by mail so that people will not get those applications to vote by mail and then not vote by mail. And, again, this is another example of Donald Trump being complicit with an attempt or even purposely attempting to suppress the vote in an election.

Video of Sen. Harris:

Sen. Harris is the likely frontrunner to be Joe Biden’s running mate on the Democratic ticket, and one can see from her answer why she is appealing to many Democratic voters. Harris is a former prosecutor, and the Biden ticket could use a prosecutor to make the case against Donald Trump.

Trump is worried about losing the election, which is why he is attempting to bully the states into making it more difficult to vote in November.

Donald Trump seems to think that committing his crimes in public on Twitter somehow makes them not count.

The American people see what he is doing. Trump is trying to steal another election, but this time the majority of the country is ready.