Republicans Stand Against Trump By Running Safe Voting Ad In Michigan

Defending Democracy Together will be running an ad in Michigan encouraging mail-in voting as part of a safe voting options campaign.

The ad will run in Michigan and on Fox News on Thursday:

Defending Democracy Together is affiliated with Republicans for the Rule of Law, whose spokesman Chris Truax said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

President Trump ‘thinks’ he has the power to deny federal funds to states that want to allow their citizens to vote by mail. Of course he also ‘thinks’ it might be a good idea to inject Clorox so it is often unwise to mistake Trump’s ideas for realistic policies.

President Trump does not have the power to deny states funding that has already been unconditionally allocated by Congress. What is of more concern is that Trump is publicly dedicated to crushing vote-by-mail efforts. Forcing people to stand in line to vote in the midst of a deadly pandemic is just insane and, frankly, evil as forcing health care workers to treat coronavirus victims without proper masks.

Americans should never be forced to choose between their health and their vote and no American president should ever ask them to.

The ad is a reminder that Trump and his supporters are outnumbered. They can’t win an election where it is easy and safe to vote, so they are trying to use the coronavirus pandemic as a barrier to voting. The reason why Trump is giving states the “Ukraine treatment” is that he is trying to scare them into helping him stay in office.

Republicans, Independents, and Democrats all agree that Donald Trump has got to go. The only thing that can keep him around is a decided country with a low turnout election.