Trump Melts Down Over States Increasing Mail In Voting


Trump is melting down as states like Michigan and Nevada have announced plans to increase mail-in voting for the presidential election in November.

Trump first went on the warpath against Michigan:

Then he ranted and misinformed about Nevada:


Trump is wildly misinforming about mail-in voting. Voting by mail is not voter fraud. The only case of election fraud carried with absentee ballot involved a Republican House candidate in North Carolina. Mail-in voting is a legal vote that doesn’t benefit either party, so by discouraging mail-in voting, Trump is discouraging people who may vote for him from voting.

States do not need authorization from the federal government to change their vote by mail rules. Presidential elections are state-run. The Secretary of State in each state runs the election and has the power to adjust their ballot policies. The federal government does not get to oversee or authorize state-run elections.

Trump is melting down because sending a ballot to every voter will increase turnout and cause more people to vote, which is bad news for a president who needs a low turnout base election to win.

Mail-in voting also makes it more difficult for the Russians and foreign governments to interfere in the election. If people are mailing paper ballots, it is impossible for interference to meddle with the results. If people vote over a longer period of time, a Russian disinformation campaign for Trump won’t help him on election day.

Trump is raging because the coronavirus has made the 2020 election more difficult for him to steal.