Fox News Poll Shows Biden Ahead By 8 Points As Independents And Seniors Abandon Trump

In the middle of Donald Trump’s messy break-up with Fox News, a new poll from the cable news network shows former vice president Joe Biden leading the presidential race by a solid eight-point margin.

According to the survey, Biden is ahead of Trump 48 percent to 40 percent, a huge shift from April when the race was tied at 42. The margin does, however, fall back into line with other Fox News data from the past five months.

The complete breakdown of polling since January:

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The economy is slipping away from Trump

The poll also indicates that Trump is losing his edge on the economy – the only issue that has been keeping his reelection bid intact – as a record number of Americans file for unemployment.

On the economy, Biden has pulled into a virtual tie with Trump. On other issues, from China to the coronavirus to health care, Biden has healthy leads.

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What enthusiasm gap?

During the primary, critics of Joe Biden – particularly those who supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – argued that the former VP would never generate enough enthusiasm to defeat Donald Trump.

The latest Fox News survey crushes that myth and shows that Biden actually leads Trump among folks who are most excited to vote in November.

“Among voters who are extremely motivated about voting this fall, Biden has a 12-point advantage (53-41 percent),” the poll found. “More Biden supporters (69 percent) than Trump supporters (63 percent) feel extremely motivated to vote.”

There is no question that Trump’s base is loyal and motivated – but they don’t and never have represented a majority of the country. And despite the political punditry, Biden’s supporters are motivated to cast a ballot in November.

Independents and seniors are flocking to Joe Biden

While independents and seniors were two voting blocs that boosted Donald Trump in 2016, the poll shows them flocking to Biden this time around.

According to Fox, “Biden makes inroads with two key groups: independents prefer him by 13 points and voters ages 65+ by 17 points. In 2016, Trump won independents by 4 and seniors by 7.”

This is only one poll, to be sure, but it’s showing the same results as other surveys taken in recent weeks: Biden has a clear edge over Trump with less than six months until the election.

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