Trump’s Obamagate Scandal Has Completely Crashed And Burned

Donald Trump’s attempt to create an Obama scandal around the unmasking of Mike Flynn’s name fell apart as Flynn’s name was never masked.

NBC News reported:

In a blow to GOP efforts to create a cloud of scandal around so-called “unmasking,” two sources familiar with the matter tell NBC News that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s name was never redacted from the FBI intelligence report about his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Flynn has admitted lying to the FBI about a phone call with then Amb. Sergey Kislyak.

There was no plot to get Trump by “unmasking” Mike Flynn. The Obama administration did nothing wrong. The whole conspiracy that Trump and his allies concocted to distract from the coronavirus and the crashed economy has fallen flat on its face.

Trump wants Obamagate to be a thing because he has nothing on Joe Biden. The President is trying to run the same playbook in 2020 that he used on Hillary Clinton in 2016. He was so desperate for a Biden scandal that he got himself impeached for trying to blackmail Ukraine.

Donald Trump is looking for anything that he can use to discredit the Russia investigation. Trump has his administration working to smear the probe, but in the face of a pandemic and an economic collapse, it is safe to say that the Russia scandal won’t be why Trump loses in November.

Things have gotten so bad for Trump that even his fake scandals are falling apart.

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