Trump Shows Up At Ford Factory And Insults Auto Workers

Trump showed up at a Ford factory in Michigan and told the workers in attendance that he doesn’t use their vehicles and wouldn’t buy one because they’re too expensive.

Trump said, “You walk in the footsteps of those who built the Motor City in the 1930s, who stocked the arsenal of democracy in the 1940s, and who set the standard for automotive safety and style in the 1950s 60s and beyond, and even today. Bill was showing me some of those cars. I wanted to buy one, and then I heard the price. I said forget it. I’ll use one on occasion, right? But, what a car that is.”


Trump was supposed to wear a mask in the factory, which he didn’t do. Ford thought that they were getting some good publicity by hosting a presidential visit to their factory, but they were humiliated by a president who called too expensive and said that he would only use one on occasion.

A President is supposed to be America’s brand ambassador. He or she is not supposed to bad-mouth American made products that are produced by American workers.

Trump is well on his way to losing Michigan to Joe Biden. His trip likely cost him votes as he chose to insult American workers.

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