Trump Attack On Democrats Backfires As He Urges Churches To Spread Virus

Trump was asked if he would wear a mask in Detroit, and instead went on a rant about Democrats not allowing churches to hold big gatherings that will spread the virus.

Trump said, “I don’t know. We’ll look at that. A lot of people have asked me that question. I want to get our country back to normal. I want to normalize. One of the other things I want to do is get the churches open. The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors. I want to get our churches open. And we’re going to take a very strong position on that very soon.”


Trump turned a question on wearing a mask when he visits the city which the Attorney General of Michigan told him that he is required to do, into an attempted attack on Democrats. The President’s attack and attempt to divide the country spectacularly backfired because what Trump is asking churches to do is spread the coronavirus.

The person who is desperate for things to return to normal is Donald Trump because that is the only chance that he has of winning reelection.

Trump doesn’t want to talk about wearing masks in public, but in his bid to divide America based on religion, the President that he doesn’t care if people get sick and die from the virus. All he wants is the appearance of normal to hide a raging pandemic.

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