Conservative Bill Mitchell: “I Believe Trump Was Sent by God to Lead America”

Donald Trump was sent by God to lead the United States, at least according to one of his biggest fans on Twitter. Conservative Bill Mitchell caused a stir online with his claim.

Mitchell has been one of President Trump’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders, winning the derision of many critics. Many saw his comments on Friday as particularly egregious.

“Some have called me ‘sycophant’ for unrelenting support of the president,” Mitchell said. “I am not.”

“I believe Trump was sent by God to lead America through this most perilous moment in our history, blessed with a vision and second-sight beyond his innate strategic brilliance,” he went on.

“He is our voice.”

Other Twitter users mocked Mitchell for describing Trump as heaven-sent with some repeating claims that Trump’s followers are a kind of cult.

“I’m not a sycophant, I’m an apostle,” the Daily Beast‘s Lachlan Markay quipped, while former Republican Congressman Trey Radel said : “jesus f****ing christ. literally.”

Mitchell recently called on Congress to subpoena Dr. Anthony Fauci’s phone to see if he’d been talking to Hillary Clinton. He’s also downplayed the Coronavirus.

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