Trump Golfs As America Approaches 100,000 Virus Deaths

As the US continues its grim march toward 100,000 coronavirus deaths, Donald Trump is spending his Saturday at one of his clubs golfing.

Trump is hitting the links as Americans die:

Trump even got his lackey Dr. Birx to endorse golfing as a Memorial Day weekend activity:

No other president would think of going golfing as 1.6 million Americans are sick, and the nation is approaching 100,000 deaths, but this is normal behavior for Donald Trump, who long ago showed the American people that he doesn’t care about what happens to them.

Trump wants to pretend like things are back to normal, so he is golfing.

At the current national trajectory, none of this may matter. Donald Trump looks to be heading for defeat in November anyone. It is probably better for the country that he stops making at token effort at pretending like he is doing the job of being president, but these decisions create election ads against Republicans that write themselves.

Imagine a people in masks and then a shot of Trump golfing.

The ads will only reinforce what Americans already know to be true. Trump is only interested in Trump.

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