Trump Invents A Fake Poll Showing His Support High, Then He Whines That It’s Not High Enough

Earlier this week, Donald Trump completely made up a poll number that showed his approval rating at 96 percent among Republicans.

Then, on Saturday morning, he threw a tantrum that the poll number he invented wasn’t high enough.

In a tweet, he complained about the four percent of GOP voters who don’t approve of the job he’s doing, according to what can only be assumed was a poll of the voices in his head.

“Who are the 4%?” the president whined. “A RINO or two!”

Once again, it’s important to understand that the numbers Trump is spewing on Twitter about his GOP approval rating simply don’t exist. He’s making them up.

So when he whines that it’s not high enough for his liking, he’s arguing with his own fake poll numbers.

Trump’s GOP approval rating is lower – by double digits – than he claims

Randomly tweeting out unsourced approval ratings has become something of a habit for Trump, who is reportedly freaking out behind closed doors about his reelection chances.

As The Washington Post reported this week, “In January 2019, he started claiming that his approval with Republicans was 93 percent. Last summer, he cranked it up to 94 percent. Then, as impeachment loomed and he sought to keep Republicans in line, it climbed to 95 percent. A month ago, under fire for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, he decided he’d hit 96 percent.”

In other words, the more Trump’s presidency burns like an out-of-control dumpster fire, the higher his fake GOP approval rating goes. It’s only a matter of time before Trump claims it stands at 100 percent.

In reality, the latest Fox News poll shows Trump’s approval rating at about 85 percent among Republican voters.

The Fox poll also shows that against Joe Biden, Trump receives 84 percent of Republican support. Biden, on the other hand, gets 88 percent of Democratic support.

So not only is Trump’s approval rating among Republicans much lower than he claims, but the Democratic Party appears to be more united behind their nominee than Republicans are.

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