Donald Trump

Trump Has A Sunday Meltdown Over States Expanding Mail-In Voting

Trump blew a gasket and unleashed a series of lies as swing states that are vital to his reelection hopes have expanded mail-in voting.

Trump tweeted:

Every single statement that Trump made in his tweet was false. People can’t grab ballots from mailboxes. The ballots can’t be forged. They are secured and marked. Signatures on ballots are checked with official signatures of file with election offices, so the signatures can’t be forged.

As Ron Brownstein pointed out, most of the swing states already allow no-excuse mail voting:

Trump is blowing up because mail voting takes away the help that he gets from Russians and other foreign governments. It is much more difficult to interfere in an election when paper ballots are being returned by mail over a longer period of time.

Someone needs to tell Trump that he is actually harming himself by trashing mail voting as Republicans have been working for years to increase their support by mail-in voting. The people who Trump is most likely to discourage are those who would vote for him.

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for a claim that Biden stole the election from him. Trump is trying to delegitimize Biden before a ballot has been cast because he knows that his presidency is doomed.

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