Trump’s Mental State Collapses Over Twitter Fact Check

Trump has gone into a state of mental collapse as he is issuing empty threats to Twitter if they do not stop fact-checking his tweets.

Trump is referring to himself in the third person:

Trump is spreading more Joe Scarborough murder conspiracies:

Trump threatened Twitter:

All of these events happened within one hour.

None of these tweets have anything to do with actual policy or governing during the pandemic. Trump is melting down because Twitter took away his ability to lie without being fact-checked. Trump loves Twitter because it allows him to be his own press secretary and say whatever he wants directly to his followers.

Trump has also always overrated the power of his Twitter account. He considers it a vital piece of his reelection strategy, but what he doesn’t understand is that Twitter would have banned any other user for his behavior his years ago. Trump is a daily violation of the platform’s terms of service.

Donald Trump was already crumbling during the pandemic, and the fact-checking of his Twitter account has pushed him over the edge.

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