GOP Goes All In On Trump’s Crackpot Conspiracy With New List Of Obama Officials To Subpoena

As election-year desperation grows among Donald Trump and his GOP allies in Congress, Republican senators are moving forward with a laughable investigation into Barack Obama.

According to The Hill, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has released a list of Obama-era officials he would like to subpoena as part of the probe, and it’s a who’s who of people Trump has spent time lashing out at on Twitter.

The list includes James Comey, Susan Rice, James Clapper, John Brennan, Lisa Page and dozens more. (See the full list here)

Sen. Johnson said the purpose of his investigation is to get to the bottom of whether the Obama administration tried to sabotage Trump during the transition phase.

“We have a great tradition in this country of peaceful and cooperative transitions of power, and the American people deserve to know if any wrongdoing occurred to corrupt the process and sabotage the new administration,” Johnson said, according to The Hill.

It should be no surprise that Sen. Johnson also heads up one of the Senate committees that is investigating Hunter Biden.

Republicans are desperately grasping at straws

While it’s equal parts laughable and disturbing that this is what Republican lawmakers are doing in the middle of a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans, it’s also not at all surprising.

Poll after poll shows that Donald Trump and many Republican Senate candidates are at risk of losing their jobs. A recent CNN report detailed just how frightened the GOP is that both the White House and the Senate will fall into Democratic hands in November.

As a result, the president’s loyalists in Congress are desperately ramping up phony investigations based solely on the conspiracy theories that pop into Trump’s head on a given day – all so they have some something to pin on Joe Biden for the next five months.

Unfortunately for them, polling indicates that their strategy has so far been an absolute failure.

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