Joe Biden Leads In Florida As Trump Approval Sinks

The latest poll of Florida shows Joe Biden holding on to a narrow lead, but Trump’s job approval is declining in the Sunshine State.


Joe Biden continues to hold a slight but statistically insignificant lead in Florida over Trump. Results peg the Democratic challenger at 47.5% and the Republican incumbent at 46.7%.

The 1.2% margin is almost identical to the margin found by the same pollsters last month. Then, the survey found Biden leading Trump 48.3% to Trump’s 47.5%.


A more significant finding may be that Florida voters feel less supportive of the President now than five weeks ago.

Nearly 49% of voters now say they do not approve of Trump’s job performance. That compares to 46.4% who support the job he’s doing. That 2.3% spread puts the President underwater when a plurality of voters gave him a favorable rating last month.

The decline in Trump’s job approval rating is the big red flag in the poll. The economic impact of the pandemic is starting to be felt, and voters are blaming Donald Trump for the inadequate and slow response to the virus.

The economy isn’t going to turn around by Election Day, and Trump has zero chance of beating Joe Biden if he loses Florida. The state is a must-win for Trump, which is why he changed his residency to Florida, and it would not surprise anyone if he moved the Republican convention to the state.

Elections are always close in the Sunshine State, and it looks like Joe Biden has a chance to turn Florida blue in November.