Nancy Pelosi Blows Up Trump’s Twitter Fact Check Distraction


Speaker Pelosi took apart Trump for trying to distract the country from his pandemic failure with outrage over a Twitter fact check.

Pelosi said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

I think it’s just typical President Trump. A distraction. 100,000 people — more than 100,000 people have died from the coronavirus, this administration has been a failure in terms of what we’re doing when testing and tracing and treating and isolating people. The president has been a terrible example of not wearing a mask, belittling those who do. So anything he does is a distraction from the problem at hand. People are dying, and Rome is burning, and all people want to talk about is what he said next about this. That is a success for him.


So I just will not go there. It’s about testing, testing, testing, to open up our schools so our children can go back safely. It’s about opening up our economy, so we can flourish. It’s about saving lives. And all of this is a distraction from the problem at hand. We have people dying, and he’s talking about one thing and another and then monopolizes the whole conversation. I simply won’t go there.


Speaker Pelosi was correct. It is obvious that the White House is trying to create a new enemy to fight because they have been a total failure on the coronavirus pandemic. Trump is trying to take attention away from one of the greatest failures in American presidential history.

Rep. Pelosi won’t take the bait, and instead, shined a spotlight on Trump’s deadly indifference.