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Rick Wilson Calls Trump’s Social Media Executive Order “Vomit” and Slams Its “Ludicrously Wrong” Supporters

Conservative Rick Wilson has preemptively attacked Donald Trump’s impending executive order on social media. He also warned Republicans it could end badly for them.

“We don’t know what the WH Counsel’s office is going to vomit out when it comes to this social media executive order, but the idea by many Trump ‘conservatives’ that this is a Good Thing, is I think, ludicrously wrong,” Wilson tweeted.

“Nothing says ‘limited government’ like putting the FTC and Commerce Department in the role of policing online speech.”

Wilson is involved with the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. He warned that a future Democratic president could easily target conservatives based on Trump’s precedent.

“What could EVER go wrong with that?” Wilson mused. “Let me give my Trump fluffer audience a couple mild, not too far-fetched scenarios to contemplate.”

“In 2028, President Cortez (D-Progville, WA) decides that online anti-abortion speech is unacceptable and deceptive. Or that no online platform should allow discussion of those terrible guns,” he hypothesized.

“Or that free market capitalism has done enough damage or that The Federalist or Sturmbart or the Daily Caller represent a clear and present danger for trying to revive the Trump Cult, again?”

“Are these broadly drawn and lurid scenarios? Sure. Is Trump teeing this shit up? Yup. So good job, ‘conservatives’! Go you!”

The White House has not yet revealed the contents of Trump’s executive order. However, it will likely have no real effect on how social media operate.

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