Trump Claims Today “Will Be a Big Day For Social Media and FAIRNESS” As Coronavirus Deaths Top 100K

President Trump took to Twitter to declare that today “will be a Big Day for Social Media and FAIRNESS!” just a day after he threatened to shut down social media platforms after Twitter, his communication tool of choice, began fact-checking his tweets.

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The president’s statement comes after news outlets revealed the president reportedly plans to sign an executive order against social media companies. The order reinterprets the Communications Decency Act, which shields websites and tech companies from lawsuits.

The president faced heated criticism for lashing out at social media companies as deaths in the United States from the coronavirus pandemic topped 100,000. According to current statistics, the death toll now stands at 102,197 people.

Trump made headlines yesterday for mocking former vice president Joe Biden for wearing a mask while failing to note the sobering milestone. He is also contending with more criticism for his behavior on social media platforms due to his multiple tweets alleging that “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough murdered his former congressional staffer.

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