Trump White House Demands The Names Of Twitter’s Fact Checkers

Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is demanding to know the names of the fact-checkers that Twitter is using to correct Trump.

McEnany said on Fox News, “So Twitter wants this to be the standard, they get to “fact check” the President Of The United States in an untruthful way, not fact check Chinese propaganda until we pointed it out and they started doing it moments ago, yet we don’t get to ask who the fact-checkers are that an untenable proposition, and that’s an unfair proposition, and we will ask who the fact-checkers are.”


This is a common tactic in the Trump playbook. They want the names of the fact-checkers, so that they can be singled out, demonized, smeared, and bullied by this White House. The fact check was not written by Twitter. The link under Trump’s tweets goes to a series of mainstream articles with factual information that contradicts Trump’s lies.

Trump is using the Twitter fact check as a distraction from the worsening pandemic and economic news. Trump always needs an enemy, and since the coronavirus has already defeated him, he is trying to target some employees at Twitter.

This is a sad and pathetic sham that a majority of Americans should not and will not fall for.

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