Biden Says “Enough” to Trump “Calling for Violence Against American Citizens”

Joe Biden has called out President Donald Trump following his tweet about shooting protesters. The presumptive Democratic nominee weighed in as conditions in Minneapolis grow more fraught.

“Enough,” Biden tweeted on Friday morning before writing a thread about Trump’s response to the violence in Minnesota. He also addressed the arrest of a CNN team during a live broadcast.

“This is not abstract: a black reporter was arrested while doing his job this morning, while the white police officer who killed George Floyd remains free,” Biden said.

“I am glad swift action was taken, but this, to me, says everything.”

“I will not lift the President’s tweet,” Biden went on. “I will not give him that amplification.”

“But he is calling for violence against American citizens during a moment of pain for so many. I’m furious, and you should be too.”

Events surrounding the death of George Floyd have developed rapidly over the past 24 hours. President Trump’s tweet about shooting looters was tagged by Twitter for “glorifying violence”.

Hours later, the official White House Twitter account shared the same message and it too was flagged by Twitter for violating the site’s terms of service.

A CNN team arrested on Friday morning were released later in the day. Biden said he would be speaking about events in Minnesota later.

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