Donald Trump

Taylor Swift Calls Trump A White Supremacist And Vows To Vote Him Out

Taylor Swift unloaded on Trump for feigning moral superiority while threatening violence as his presidency fanned the flames of white supremacy.

Swift tweeted:

Trump’s tweet that was flagged by Twitter for promoting violence has backfired on the president and resulted in universal condemnation outside of the GOP/Trump circles. Taylor Swift has become more open with her views on politics over the past few years, but this is Swift’s strongest and most blunt statement to date.

She is one of most influential voices with younger and female voters in the United States. Her vow to vote Trump out should terrify Republicans because a low turnout base election is the President’s only chance of winning.

Whatever Trump thought he was doing by encouraging violence has blown up in his face, as the more this president speaks, the more the nation turns against him.

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