Trump Delays Press Conference So That He Can Call Non-Racists Haters


Trump tried to spin his encouragement of violence with a totally new meaning and claimed that anyone who called out his racism was a hater.

Trump tweeted:


Trump has delayed a press conference with reporters waiting in the Rose Garden so that he could try to do damage control on Twitter. The President Of The United States is more worried about his Twitter platform than he is about the presidency.

Trump’s tweets are nonsense. The phrase that he tweeted has had connotations of racial violence for decades. Trump was glorifying violence against African-American protesters, and now he is afraid to face questions from the media and trying to spin his racism away.

None of it is going to work. Trump tried to use racism to divide the country because his campaign is targeting Minnesota as a state that they could potentially flip. Trump got caught engaging in vile and racist politics, so he is refusing to come out of the White House and face questions about his statements.