Trump runs from reporters at press conference

Trump Runs From Reporters In Press Conference Disaster

The White House promised that Trump would hold a press conference, but the President came out, issued a statement, and ran for the door when reporters asked questions.

Trump said:

Our actions will be strong, our actions will be meaningful. More than two decades ago, on a rainy night in 1997, British soldiers lowered the union flag and Chinese soldiers raised the Chinese flag in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong people felt proud of their Chinese heritage and their unique Hong Kong identity.

The people of Hong Kong hope that in the years and decades to come, China would increasingly come to resemble its most dynamic city, the rest of the world was electrified by a sense of optimism that Hong Kong was a glimpse into China’s future, not that Hong Kong would grow into a reflection of China’s past. In every decision, I will continue to proudly defend and protect the workers’ families and citizens of the United States of America. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Video of Trump running away:

Trump delayed the press conference to try to damage control on his encouragement of violence against protesters on Twitter. When that didn’t work, Trump finally came out to the Rose Garden, nearly an hour late, read his statement, and then couldn’t get away from the reporters fast enough.

The whole event was a fiasco, and a disaster for Trump, whose inability to take even the slightest bit of responsibility for his words leads to a perpetual cycle of political self-injury that he compounds by refusing to stand in front of reporters and answer the difficult questions.

When Trump is in trouble, he hides.

The White House promised a press conference but delivered a panicked president in total collapse who took no questions.

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