Twitter Flags Trump And White House Tweet For Glorifying Violence

Trump escalated his war with Twitter by having the White House retweet his Tweet, so Twitter flagged the official White House account for glorifying violence.

Here is the warning:

Twitter flags White House Trump retweet
Twitter flags White House Trump retweet

Trump is trying to use the death of George Floyd to divide America, and his glorification of violence was a calculated political play for his reelection campaign. The Trump campaign knows that Michigan is likely lost to them, so they have targeted Minnesota. Trump rant about the “weak” Democratic mayor was part of his play for the state in November.

By flagging the tweet, Twitter is sending a message to the Trump administration that they won’t be scared off by the President’s toothless executive order.

Twitter is asserting control over its platform.

The reality is that Trump needs Twitter more than Twitter needs Trump. Donald Trump has been a recurring giant headache for Twitter. He is a walking terms of service violation, and he brings the company more bad publicity than good.

More social media companies need to stand up to Trump, who has overestimated the power of his Twitter account. If the President were routinely fact-checked on social media, he would lose a powerful disinformation tool.

Twitter isn’t the good guy here, but it will be interesting to see if the rest of social media follows their lead and pushes back on Trump.