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Trump’s Former Communications Director Accuses Him Of “Inciting a Race War”

Anthony Scaramucci has accused Donald Trump of stoking the fires of a race war. The former White House Communications Director offered searing criticism over the weekend.

Scaramucci worked for the Trump administration for 10 days in 2017 before resigning over an indiscreet interview. Though he became a pro-Trump commentator for a period, he later turned on his former boss.

“The Racist in Chief is inciting a race war while the Republicans remain silent,” Scaramucci tweeted on Sunday as protests over the death of George Floyd continued.

“Racism in America didn’t end in 1862, 1964 or 2008. It’s a travesty that minorities in this country still have to live every day under a cloud of fear,” he said.

“We need real leadership to fix this. Unfortunately right now we have none. ”

“Donald Trump show some empathy for once.”

Scaramucci doubled down on Monday morning and called for Trump to be defeated at the ballot box.

Let’s vote him out with a ferocity that will reverberate through American history,” he tweeted.

Scaramucci isn’t the only conservative to lash out at Trump as protests escalated. Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Republican Senator John McCain, said the country was “leaderless.”

“COWARDS! All of you!!! But most especially the President and every member of his team who continues to condone his utter COWARDICE!!” she said.

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