D.C. Crowd Goes Nuts As Elizabeth Warren Joins Protesters In Front Of The White House

A day after Donald Trump gassed peaceful protesters outside the White House – all so he could desecrate the Bible in front of a church – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) participated in the demonstrations outside the president’s home.

Pictures show the former presidential candidate showing up outside the White House with her husband and dog.

“Crowd goes crazy as Senator Warren, her husband and her dog walk through the protesters in front of White House a half hour before curfew,” Washington Post reporter Perry Stein said on Twitter.

Some video footage of Warren making her way through the D.C. crowd:

Warren’s presence in front of the White House is particularly striking given the fact that it comes a day after the president had peaceful demonstrators hit with tear gas and flash bang grenades.

As Trump hides in his bunker, Democratic leaders join the people

Elizabeth Warren isn’t the first Democratic leader to join protesters as they speak out about systemic racism in America’s criminal justice system.

Over the weekend, California Sen. Kamala Harris also joined demonstrators in D.C. as they marched outside the White House.

On Sunday, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden met with protesters in Delaware before joining local faith leaders the next day to listen to their concerns.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has spent the past week either hiding in his bunker or using military force in order to step outside.

It’s a stunning contrast.

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